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Vinyl Flooring in Brighton, Sussex

We are well-established vinyl flooring contractors, providing quality flooring and installation over the past 20 years, to business and residential customers in Brighton, Sussex.

Designed for heavy traffic areas these durable low maintenance and versatile flooring options are very popular throughout Brighton and Sussex.

This type of flooring is stuck to the sub floor and welded at the seams, making for a water tight finish. Sussex Vinyl flooring use products from manufacturers such as Polyflor, Altro, Forbo and Tarket.

Polyflor have a vast range of vinyl flooring which is guaranteed to suit everyone, The range takes into consideration colours,
maintenance, protection and the ability to retain optimum appearance.

Whilst offering all of these specifications the Polyflor vinyl ranges are still seen as one of the most competitively priced product on the market. One of the most popular ranges is Polyflor Mystique which is found in schools, offices and hospitals throughout Brighton and Sussex.

The tough and durable collection of vinyl flooring from Tarkett offer flooring solutions for very heavy foot traffic areas. Even though they produce vinyl to perform to this level they haven’t neglected the versatility of the product. Numerous colour selections each with their own design leave you spoilt for choice. Sussex Vinyl Flooring have recently used the Tarkett Eminent range alongside the Tarkett Eclipse range to produce
stunning results.

Still the leader of the pack in regards to vinyl flooring is Altro. Like all its competitors it has ranges to suite most public spaces. Durable, hygienic and adaptable design give Altro the slight edge in this competitive market. Sussex Vinyl flooring have successfully installed a wide variety of Altro products into numerous public and private sector buildings throughout Brighton and Sussex.

The Sphera range of vinyl flooring leads the way as Forbo’s latest homogeneous vinyl collection. Being stylish and manufactured to the latest technology it also compliments other Forbo collections. It boasts one of the best wear ratings and also is resistant to most chemicals, stains and scratches, When customers contact Sussex Vinyl Flooring and request a vinyl flooring that performs to the highest of standards we often recommend this product range from Forbo.

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