Commercial Carpets in Sussex

If you’re looking for durable, high-standard commercial carpets in Sussex, Sussex Vinyl Flooring is at your service.

Yes, we supply and fit vinyl flooring, but carpets in your working environment are also an outstanding choice. They’re versatile, comfortable and surprisingly luxurious underfoot.
In other words, they can make a true style statement. What would you like to say to your visitors, clients and employees?

Modern technology – with durable style

If you think you know what office carpeting looks and feels like, you may want to think again.

Why? Because modern technology and contemporary manufacturing methods have given us carpets that look completely amazing. Yet, that work as hard as you and your staff do. Drawing on our expertise and experience, we’d be happy to offer you all the advice you need. And, yes – that means even for the toughest and most challenging of workspaces.

Commercial carpets in Sussex – how we work
For contract-grade carpets, each project is different.
No doubt, your organisation’s requirements are distinct. So, each installation will carry specific criteria. Sussex Vinyl Flooring will offer estimates based on the complexity of the work involved, its dimensions, the materials to be used, and the skills and resources we need.

To offer value, our measuring and estimates are free of charge.

We only work with high-quality suppliers, such as Burmatex and Danfloors; companies who offer excellent standards and whose products are built to last.

Why choose carpeting in your workplace?

Noise Absorption. If long periods of quiet concentration are key to productivity, then carpets are a no-brainer. When staff have to move around to speak to each other, or if you have a large, open-plan office, then hardwood flooring simply isn’t suitable. A carpet means that for the most part, sounds will be absorbed.

Maintenance. Commercial carpeting that’s rated for certain levels of foot traffic will look smart for a long time. However, keeping them clean is relatively straightforward and they won’t require harmful or harsh chemicals.

Health and Safety. The combination of under carpet padding, as well as the soft surface of the carpet itself offers support and comfort. Plus, staff are less likely to slip and fall as it’s a soft surface.

Appealing Aesthetics

In a nutshell, workplace carpets can look exceptionally smart.

Choose hard-wearing colours and styles to enhance the environment. And, give that best-ever first impression to your clients.

Suitable for public buildings, schools and all kinds of interiors, there’s no carpet conundrum. Get in touch with the experts in commercial carpets in Sussex.

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