Commercial LVT Flooring

Are you an organisation looking for high-grade commercial Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) flooring in Sussex?

It’s an increasingly popular choice in hair salons, offices, the retail sector, as well as in the health and hospitality sectors. Welcome to the deluxe club. You’ll be in great company. We’ll supply and fit a stylish, natural, super-chic flooring look in your commercial premises with Luxury Vinyl Tiles.

If you need to impress or make an impact, LVT is it!

Welcome to Incredible Commercial LVT Flooring

Working with renowned manufacturers such as Amtico and Polyflor, we’re pleased to introduce you to vinyl tiles that look exactly like real wood, stone, slate, or any other metallic or abstract design. Look, and look again – these tiles weave in nature’s perfect imperfections – flawlessly.

Our clients tell us that commercial LVT is a realistic, highly practical alternative to wood or stone options with fabulous heat insulation properties and excellent sound insulation.

They’re a stunning choice in so many workspaces, and you’ll be delighted to know, they’re easy to look after. An undisputed investment, they’ll appeal to anyone who appreciates style and substance.

Plus, they’ll last for years and years.

The range of colours and textures is incredible, too. Sussex Vinyl will show design-led examples showcasing superb attention to detail. Enjoy the subtle shades you find in nature, textures you can touch, and finishing that you will love.

Your Trusted Supplier of Commercial LVT in Sussex

With over 24 years’ experience in commercial flooring, we have the knowledge and skills that will give you the edge:

Technical expertise. An in-depth understanding of the properties of different types of flooring, and how to install them.

Attention to detail. We get it right, first time and every time – from measuring and cutting to fitting and finishing.

Problem-solving and communication skills. We’ll work with your colleagues or as part of a team to ensure that we complete your installation precisely to your specifications – and that it’s on schedule. Plus, if we encounter any issues, we’ll solve them during the installation process.

Safety. Our team adheres to strict protocols to keep everyone safe.

Customer service. With our professional, courteous installation team, everything will be a breeze.

Get in touch with us today for high-quality commercial LVT flooring in Sussex. It looks amazing. Just wait and see. It IS amazing.

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