Commercial Stair Nosing

Any busy working environment with a staircase, such as a school, leisure centre or a hospital, requires robust, high-quality commercial stair nosing.

Whether foot traffic up and downstairs is light or heavy, stair nosings aren’t just a nice-to-have to provide a smart finishing touch. They’re a must. In fact, they’re an integral part of a staircase installation project.

Here at Sussex Vinyl Flooring, whether you work in the public or private sector, we’re pleased to offer you our experience and know-how. Our team can join your construction team, in any size or type of new build, refurbishment or renovation project.

What are stair nosings?

Sometimes referred to as stair edgings, they are the horizontal edge of the non-slip surface of a stair that protrudes over the edge. They define and reinforce the stairs; they’re where most of us place our feet when we use the stairs.

Improved Safety

Without a doubt, the main purpose is to offer improved safety to the staircase. As it extends a little over the edge of the tread, there is extra space for the user, so it’s easier to reduce slips and falls.

Better Visibility

For those with sight issues or where the lighting isn’t really strong enough, missing a step or misjudging it is a genuine danger. The result? Sadly, there’s the possibility of major, life-changing injuries.

A nosing can make the stairs easier to see, clearly defining where they are for improved security and confidence.

Protects the Staircase

We’d be happy to recommend the perfect solution to help protects your tread from wear and tear or damage. Did you know that most people tread first on the edge of each stair? This regular movement tends to erode the staircase over time. The best-quality commercial stair nosing choice could mean less maintenance further down the line, extending its lifespan and helping to keep everyone safe.

Stair Nosings from Sussex Vinyl Flooring

We’re proud to work with products from Gradus and Quantum, two of the premium suppliers of stair nosings. Their high-quality products are available in various materials, profiles, and thicknesses – with single or double channels.

Ask us for advice. We’re here to help. These are only commercial-grad nosings; perfect for your needs. And we have the experience and expertise to fit them to perfection. Another thing ticked off your list.

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