Commercial Flooring Contractors in Sussex

Sussex Vinyl Flooring serves the needs of all types of public sector organisations, private-sector businesses and light industrial premises. As commercial flooring contractors in Sussex, we know that workplaces like yours must be safe and secure. Also, not to put too fine a point on it, ideally – great places to work. A positive working environment can make all the difference.

So, don’t cut corners.

Don’t be that business or workspace where the floor looks scruffy after a while. Or, one where danger lurks due to wear and tear from a poor-quality product.

Whatever the surroundings – wherever there is heavy or regular footfall, or you need distinct flooring to support specialist job functions, Sussex Vinyl Flooring is at your service.

We focus on form and function.

The floor will look smart, and perform at top-level with a hard-wearing, super-practical finish to last for years.

Paul Stevenson, Sussex Vinyl Flooring
Paul Stevenson

Background and experience

Sussex Vinyl Flooring is managed by Paul Stevenson, a commercial flooring expert.

With over 24 years’ experience, Paul knows this industry extremely well. Not all commercial flooring contractors in Sussex are the same.

Paul oversees every project, offering jargon-free advice on the best options to suit your requirements, time frames and your budget.

Whilst Sussex Vinyl Flooring works with all types of companies and organisations, we have niche skills in working with schools, hospitals, colleges and universities. We understand the constraints that they face.

Also, we know about dedicated areas such as science labs, surgeries and operating theatres. That is, spaces where highly focused professionals need to take their surroundings entirely for granted.

You deserve a seamless, start-to-finish installation, so we’ll take care of everything for you.

Sussex Vinyl Flooring works with the major brands in commercial flooring:

Our approach is thorough, with great care and attention paid to high-quality sub-floor preparation. It’s crucial to ensure that the structure is completely secure, and free of moisture or damp before we lay your floor.

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