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We’re Sussex Vinyl Flooring, highly experienced contractors who supply and fit vinyl floors in Sussex. We ONLY install floors in the working environment. 

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Vinyl Flooring in Sussex. Floors that work as hard as you do.

Excellent Flooring – First Time, Every Time

Our commercial-grade flooring options are designed for heavy footfall.

So, when it comes to your floors, making the right choice makes the space so much more appealing, even at a subtle, subconscious level.

Customers tell us that pleasant, comfortable surroundings are good for morale – and that they make a fabulous first impression. Flooring has to work hard to reduce the risk of trips and falls and of course, be easy to maintain.

Plus, did you know that it can filter out allergens, making the air cleaner and purer?

We focus on supplying a wide range of robust vinyl flooring in Sussex that can save you money in the long run. With Sussex Vinyl Flooring’s exclusive use of premium-grade products, and the expert advice that goes with them, you can reduce the need for repairs.

Likewise, you’re less likely to need earlier-than-planned replacement flooring.

Floors for all needs

Our 24 years of experience is your gain.

In addition to supplying floors for businesses, we also support all kinds of public sector organisations. To make your life easier, we have outstanding knowledge of the flooring needs in schools and colleges and in all health and care environments, leisure centres, science labs, restaurants, cafes and shops.

Sussex Vinyl Flooring spots floors at 50 paces. If it’s in a non-domestic setting, it’s got our name all over it.

Partners in Construction

Get in touch with us to explore opportunities to work together on commercial construction projects in Sussex. We offer superb quality installations, and a prompt, reliable approach. Sussex Vinyl Flooring is that best-in-class sub-contractor you’ve always wanted to work with.

Our approach is simple: professional, friendly, jargon-free, with the expertise you deserve.

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