Commercial Vinyl Flooring in Sussex

Sussex Vinyl Flooring is a specialist business that supplies commercial vinyl flooring in Sussex, including throughout Brighton and Hove. We provide high-quality, durable floors for the public and private sectors, and light industrial premises.

Our floors will look really good in your premises: smart, clean and professional. You need them to be built to last, supporting heavy footfall in commercial settings. And, they must be super-strong, secure and low maintenance.

So, who walks on your floors? And, how do they use the space? Let’s discuss everything during a site visit, and we can help you make an informed decision.

With over 24 years’ experience in commercial flooring, we’re here to help keep your staff, customers and visitors safe and secure. In a nutshell, we will deliver the welcoming environment you deserve; one that’s all about productivity and professionalism.

With a range of options to suit your needs and your budget, modesty aside – our expertise is second to none. In brief, we know commercial floors. And, we’d like to supply, fit and install yours.

Expertise, Trust and Authority – in Commercial Vinyl Flooring


Generally speaking, with high foot traffic, vinyl is your best-case scenario option. To put it another way, where you need your working environment to look smart, keep people safe and withstand people’s “wear and tear”, it’s a great choice. 

Vinyl is well-known for its resiliency. It’s likely to withstand daily usage, and will hold up well to any scratches, dents and spills that come its way. In our view, commercial vinyl flooring is a great investment. It’s high-grade. And, although we operate at the higher end of the market, it’s affordable, too.

In the long run, you need flooring that really lasts. So, speak to our experts and ask them about the choices, colours and styles that will work for you. Why? Because we recognise that your office, healthcare centre, school or hospital is about people

And, people really matter.


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Brands We Work With

No workspace is the same.

In our experience, everything, every place and everyone is different. Therefore, we’ll adapt our product range to reflect your requirements. We only work with the highest-quality flooring brands, including:

Types of Commercial Flooring - without the Jargon

Let’s discuss your best options:

Vinyl Composition Tiles, or VCT. This is ideal for high-traffic areas like hospitals, schools and shops. It’s a must-have when durability and costs are high on your agenda, list. Plus, VCT is available in a range of colours. Durable, low maintenance and resistant to scratches, scuffs and staining, it’s a popular choice.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles, or LVT. When you need a high-end look, stop right here. Designed to look like natural materials, such as stone or wood, it’s long-lasting and is VERY hard-wearing. You’d have to look closely to see it’s not the real thing. Read more here…

Sheet Flooring. Supplied in large rolls that we cut to fit your individual space, this hard-working type of commercial flooring is your go-to for affordability. Available in a range of colours and patterns, it’s easy to look after, too.

Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring. Manufactured from a single, superior-durability layer, HVF is ideal in commercial, light commercial premises and healthcare environments, not least as its seams can be welded to seal out germs and moisture.

Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring. This commercial flooring is made from multiple layers, each with a distinct composition. We often install it in offices, retail stores and restaurants.

Commercial Vinyl Flooring in Sussex

Commercial-grade flooring needs to tick so many boxes: it’s thicker than domestic flooring and must be comfortable to walk on for long periods.

And, if necessary, to move things around on (for example, wheelchairs in hospitals etc). Also, floors should absorb sound, reducing noise levels – especially from one room to another.

Cleaning is key. Floors in the workplace get used. They get dirty. So, daily cleaning processes can be vigorous, including steam cleaning. Durability will always be important, yet floors need to please the eye. In other words, they’ll be put to work immediately – and always look smart.

Get it right with Sussex Vinyl Flooring. When it comes to commercial vinyl flooring in Sussex, we have the knowledge you need, especially in public sector environments. Get in touch with us for more information.

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