Commercial Wet Room Flooring in Sussex

Sussex Vinyl Flooring offers high-level expertise in commercial wet room flooring in Sussex and the South East.

Here, we’re talking next-level. Although safety flooring does the job and does it well, safety regulations are more demanding than ever. So, are you looking for a robust, peace-of-mind solution? Something that’s more likely to be future-proofed?

If so, commercial wet room flooring could be your perfect choice.

What IS a Wet Room?

In effect, it’s a particular type of floor for your workplace. Think: ultra, ultra non-slip.

A wet room is a totally waterproofed or tanked bathroom, often with a level access shower area. The water drains away through a flush drain in the shower itself. Importantly, there’s next to no risk of water damage, as the walls and floor are integrated, and sealed with a waterproof membrane.

Bathroom Fort Knox, as it were.

Also, when it comes to deep cleaning, hose-downs and sanitising, this flooring type makes everything super-easy due to the floor drain or gulley.

Are you thinking of a refurbishment? Now is the time. Creating a complete wet room will make the space functional, practical, and attractive. You can even install showers without trays, making it a popular choice for functionality and practicality.

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Commercial Wet Room Flooring in Sussex

Here at Sussex Vinyl Flooring, we have many years’ experience in wet rooms. Available in a wide range of colours and designs, we deliver a perfect, hygienic finish. ’re ideal for:

And, other barefoot areas such as pool changing rooms.

Just worth a mention: you’re ahead of the curve if you offer showering facilities at work. Why? Because forward-thinking organisations like yours support your employees’ well-being and help to build an engaging culture. A high quality wet room sets the right tone.

Brands we work with

We’re pleased to partner with the best of the best, all of which meet the highest expectations of safety and quality standards:

The above suppliers can cover all your bases, whatever they may be. And, we can recommend and install precisely what you require.

For example, there are tried and tested flooring options where contaminants are present; or, for where superior comfort underfoot is a pre-requisite – perhaps in caring environments. You may need super-hero non-slip options. Alternatively, something more flexible in transition areas, such as changing rooms.

Commercial Wet Room Flooring in Sussex

The expertise you deserve, the experience you need.

With over 24 years’ work in this specialist sector, we know commercial flooring. Don’t leave it to chance. Leave it to the professionals.

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