Commercial Carpet Tiles in Sussex

Here at Sussex Vinyl Flooring, we’re aiming to be your go-to business for flooring in your workspace. So, are you looking for a specialist in commercial carpet tiles in Sussex? 

You’ve come to the right place. With over 24 years’ experience, we know this much is true:

Carpet tiles are no longer dull and uninspiring. In fact, just the opposite: they’re a seriously impressive flooring solution.


Today’s latest manufacturing techniques now offer beautiful designs, colours, shapes and versatility for all types of offices, healthcare environments, and retail outlets. Plus, so much more. Sussex Vinyl Flooring works with high-quality products from Interface, Rawson and Desso. 

In short, these renowned suppliers have in recent years pushed up the concepts of commercial carpet tiles to a new level. Indeed, with their striking patterns and fresh colour palettes, you can create stunning floors in every space.

It’s obvious that the right choice of carpet can make your business look and feel modern. Likewise, super-stylish. Often, the working environment thrives on good aesthetics. For this reason, tiles can really boost your office’s feel-good vibe.

All about carpet tiles

It’s time to leave your pre-conceptions firmly behind.

Simplicity of installation. In the right hands – this means us, of course – your new flooring will be ready to walk on and enjoy without delay. They interlock to form a seamless look and feel. 

Easy to clean. Just remove the tile with that annoying stain for close-up cleaning. Or, should the offending mark be beyond redemption, there’s no need to re-fit. Why? Because carpet tiles aren’t glued to the floor; you can replace them quickly and easily. Plus, the flooring we install can effectively remove debris, just through people walking on them. As a result, this prevents dirt from spreading elsewhere.

A safer solution. Commercial carpets offer better traction and moisture retention. So, there’s much less chance of slipping, tripping or falling – especially in high foot traffic areas.

A greener option. As we can advise you on the precise amount of tiles your space will need, there’s no need to cut to size. Thus, we waste nothing. In addition, you can re-use existing tiles elsewhere – should you wish.

In summary, call off your search for commercial carpet tiles in Sussex. Talk to the experts. How can we help you?

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