Commercial Flooring Installers in Sussex

As commercial flooring installers in Sussex, we’d like to think we deliver over and above what many of our competitors do.

For schools, colleges, universities, healthcare, indoor public spaces and retail environments, through to all types of business premises, Sussex Vinyl Flooring recognises your needs:

Plus, it must be fit for purpose, with subtle good looks to complement its environment.

Commercial flooring installers in Sussex can vary. Why work with us?

Well, here are a few reasons:

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Industry Experience

We’re a business with over 24 years’ experience.

That’s nearly a quarter of a century of acquired knowledge, expertise and learning as part of a key piece of the construction “jigsaw” – the floors that people walk on.

In the nicest possible way, we’d like you to take us for granted. We think that needs technical expertise and a broad awareness of how people will use the space. In other words, the types of floor that will best support the ebb and flow of your employees’ daily comings and goings.

Specialist Knowledge

Be in no doubt. Your flooring project demands significant expertise.

We deliver our work to the highest possible standards.

Why? Because it’s just what we do, and nothing less than perfection will satisfy us or you. Commercial flooring is only as good as the ground it sits on. Therefore, your flooring, and its sub-flooring will come under our intense scrutiny.

Meticulous preparatory work may be needed on its stability, safety, security and to remove moisture, damp, dirt or dust.

Additionally, we have in-depth knowledge of which type and brand of floor is best for your surroundings. So although we emphasise excellence first and foremost, we’re happy to advise you on the best-value, highest-quality options that won’t budget the budget.

Transparency and Honesty

In our view, you deserve flooring contractors that ask you what you need. And, who speak directly and honestly.

With Sussex Vinyl Flooring you will receive nothing less than a true assessment, and who ask the right questions. This way, you can make an informed decision with all the facts. Commercial flooring installers in Sussex – and everywhere in fact, have adopted industry best practices. It goes without saying that we’re keen to stay ahead of the game.

We offer great advice, keep our promises, and deliver safety-first floors that may NOT be the rock-bottom cheapest choice but WILL most likely keep everyone safe.

Our Reputation in the Marketplace

The word is out. We’re a great business to work with, or so we’re told. Clients ask us back and are happy to refer us to others. Modesty prevents us from saying more. Why not get in touch to find out what they’re saying?

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