Forbo Surestep Flooring

Princess Royal Hospital – Haywards Heath Sep 2021

Forbo Surestep Stone – Warm Contrete

The contemporary and practical looking Forbo Surestep safety vinyl fit the criteria well in this private ward within Princess Royal Hospital.

To transform this old ward office into a isolation ward room we had to remove the old carpet tiles, and apply a full coat of latex to lexel the floor, as is the case in most hospital environments we had to install a coved finish up the walls finished in safety flooring vinyl.

Carpet tiles removed and a full coat of latex applied ready for a new safety flooring vinyl
Heavy coat of latex

When removing the old boards it become apparent that we would need to build the floor up considerably, to bring the new finished floor up level with the existing skirtings.

Dressing the new safety floor up the cove 100mm makes this newly refurbished room fit for purpose.
!00mm coved finish

Whenever we replace flooring within a hospital environment the two key factors always apply, it needs to be safe and hygienic. using the coved fitting process we can allow the flooring to be rigorously cleaned, which drastically reduces harbouring bacteria.

Safety/vinyl floors need to be welded seal the floors.
Vinyl flooring welded upstands

One critical area of installing a safety floor is the wellded joints, fitted correctly the welds should last as long as the safety floor itself, when fitting a floor up the walls a welded finish has to be used.

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