10 Commercial Flooring Trends for 2024

In 2024, the world of flooring is embracing a range of different emerging trends. Sustainability is a notable focus, alongside the integration of both vintage and modern design elements. In this guide, we will share a few of the flooring trends for next year.

1. Sustainable Flooring

As sustainability continues to be a focal point in design considerations, eco-friendly options such as bamboo and cork flooring have gained attention in recent months.

2. Safety Flooring

With a focus on slip resistance and durability, safety flooring materials provide a secure and reliable surface, prioritising the well-being of occupants in high-traffic areas where safety is paramount. Safety flooring is a great choice for commercial flooring due to its slip-resistant surface, designed to provide optimal traction even in wet or slippery conditions. The flooring materials used in safety flooring often incorporate textured surfaces or specialised coatings to enhance grip and reduce the likelihood of accidents. The flooring is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, frequent cleaning, and potential exposure to chemicals or contaminants.

3. Commercial LVT

With affordability, durability, and remarkably realistic wood or stone visuals, Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) maintains its stronghold as a prominent choice for commercial flooring.

4. Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are set to become a popular choice in flooring. They bring personality to a space without sacrificing functionality. Using materials such as vinyl and laminate makes it easy to incorporate various colours and shapes, offering a wide range of different patterns and finishes.

5. Dark Floors

The dark floor trend sees flooring materials in darker hues, such as deep browns, navy and charcoal, contributing to a contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic. Deep hardwood floors are also increasing in popularity.

6. Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles are making a strong statement in 2024; homeowners are gravitating towards vibrant tile designs that add character to spaces. Various patterns, including herringbone, hexagons and chevron, are becoming a popular choice for commercial flooring too, adding a contemporary choice to a room.

7. Minimalism

Minimalist aesthetics continue to influence flooring choices, with a preference for clean lines, simple designs, and neutral colour palettes. This trend reflects a preference for simplicity, with materials such as light-toned hardwood, vinyl, or tile being popular choices to create a minimalist aesthetic that complements various interior styles.

8. Mixed Width Planks

This trend involves incorporating boards of varying widths in the same installation and has gained traction recently.

9. Mixed Material Flooring

Combining different flooring materials within the same space is a notable trend. Homeowners and businesses are experimenting with juxtaposing materials like hardwood, tiles, and carpets together to create multi-functional areas.

10. Natural Textures

Flooring in 2024 is witnessing a surge in materials that authentically replicate the feel of wood, stone, and other organic elements. Advanced technologies in manufacturing allow for highly realistic textures at an affordable price.

In conclusion, there are a variety of emerging flooring trends for 2024, reflecting a dynamic and diverse range of choices and catering to a range of preferences and practical considerations. The trends for 2024 offer something for everyone.

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