What is Safety Flooring?

What is Safety Flooring?

Exactly what IS safety flooring? And, what sort of difference could it make to your working environment?

Well, without sounding too dramatic, safety flooring could save a life. 

Or, at the very least, help to prevent someone from slipping over and causing serious injury to themselves – especially if they are elderly or infirm. We know that as a commercial customer, you need floors that are super-secure, look immaculate and that offer quality, and value for money. A tall order? You’d be surprised: No. 

So, if you’re looking to make a decision on the best choice for your organisation, we’ve put together this guide for you. We’ll explain what safety flooring is, how it works and why you may need it in the workplace. 

The Basics and the Sciencey Bit

Step forward, your Super Hero floor.

These aren’t “normal” floors. In brief, here, we’re talking about a vinyl floor covering containing small, hard particles that are part of its manufacturing process

In other words, it’s vinyl that’s mixed with silicone carbide, quartz and aluminium oxides. These particles aren’t just on the surface, they’re embedded into the whole flooring structure. As a result, it dramatically reduces the chance of slipping over, as well as the impact of contaminants. Yes, even in heavy footfall areas. 

Where safety is a priority, this type of flooring works hard to protect the health, well-being and physical security of everyone who works there, or who visits as a patient or a customer.

Where does safety flooring come into its own?
Do You Work In..?
  • Healthcare – hospitals, care homes and so on
  • Retail sector
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Hospitality – a restaurant, cafe, or pub
  • A commercial kitchen
  • Where animals are looked after


If so, you’re aware that these aren’t standard office environments. 

Why? Because in all of the above spaces, there are – not to put too fine a point on it – considerable safety risks. For example, liquids in a kitchen (chefs drop things!), water in a gym changing room, and vulnerable people in a hospital or care situation. Also, entranceways, toilets etc. 

Sadly, accidents can and do happen.

In our experience, safety flooring is a form of risk management. Equally, it’s a plus; a bonus, if you like. It’s ideal where users need slip-resistant flooring. 

Your Legal Obligations 

A vital aspect of any discussion that focuses on “what is safety flooring?” must involve the law.

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 (Regulation 1) may sound like a ponderous piece of legislation. And, most likely, it is. But it’s an essential one that has no doubt saved lives. Plus, it could make the difference between safe, motivated employees and, well – legal action, not to mention a paragraph or two in the local or national press.

It states that:

“Floors must be suitable, in good condition and free from obstructions”.

Don’t take the risk. Don’t regret a decision that could cost you dear. Safety flooring, whilst not ultra-cheap, offers a high-quality, durable solution to a sometimes overlooked and forgotten problem: keeping everyone secure, protected and happy.


A Low-Maintenance, Hygienic Choice

Did you know that safety flooring has antibacterial properties that keep it in great condition and make it easy to clean? One less thing to worry about: it doesn’t absorb spillages, so it helps to prevent the build-up of dust and bacteria. 


Safety Flooring Brands
Sussex Vinyl Flooring only works with the highest quality safety flooring brands. We take our commitment to your office, hospital, cafe or care home extremely seriously, and will only recommend the flooring that will best suit your needs – and your budget. 


We work with Tarket, Altro, Forbo and Polysafe. Polysafe especially is a wonderful choice, due to its high performance and value.

Are you looking for high-impact resistance in high-footfall areas? Something that looks great, and comes in a range of colours and styles? Ultimately, flooring that, as the name suggests keeps people safe?

You’re in the right place. Sussex Vinyl Flooring has over 24 years’ experience in commercial flooring. Who are YOU going to call? 01273 305 048.

Hope you enjoyed our guide. Ever wondered, what is safety flooring? Well, wonder no more. Now you know. Look out for our upcoming blogs, full of useful information to help you make an informed choice. 





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