Polysafe Standard

Bognor Regis – November 2021

Polysafe Standard – Alpine Green

Versatile and practical flooring solution from Polyflor.

Kitchen Area

The original flooring in this hotel kitchen was ceramic tiles which offered no slip resistance and as well as being a safety issue it was becoming increasingly hard to keep clean. We decided that installing Polysafe Standard would eliminate any trips and falls due to its slip resistance and would be easy to maintain and clean.

This image shows the new nonslip safety floor from Polysafe standard fitted neatly around the kitchen units.
Polysafe Safety flooring fitted around units

One of our main issues was making sure there was a seamless transition between the Polysafe vinyl and around the many drains in the floor. We used different trims to achieve a a neat and tidy finish.

Around all the drains we’ve made sure that the transition meets the Polysafe flooring seamlessly.
Water tight trims around drain covers

Using Polysafe standard allowed us to offer a watertight, non slip and hard wearing product for our client, which in turn gave them peace of mind. Polysafe flooring along with Altro and Tarket offer flooring solutions for busy kitchens like this, they come in great colours to suit their new environments and installed and maintained correctly they will last for years.

This store room needed to be coved up the walls by 100mm to form a wet room.
Polysafe Coved up store room

The cold store area within this busy kitchen required a more hygienic option, we decided to creat a wet room effect which enable this area to be full submersed in water to be cleaned.

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