Common Home Areas Where Vinyl Flooring Can Be Used

When it comes to interior design and house remodelling, one area that is often disregarded is flooring. Most people avoid making floor alterations owing to the imagined effort and stress involved. Changing the flooring is much simpler than you think, especially when working with flooring specialists.

As a result, it’s worthwhile to consider what flooring alternatives you could consider installing throughout your home.

Vinyl flooring offers several advantages. We’ve compiled a list of the essential rooms in the house, as well as how vinyl flooring might benefit them.

1. Kitchen

The kitchen, sometimes known as the “heart of the house,” is typically one of the most used rooms in anyone’s home. Kitchen floors are often bombarded with food and liquid spills as people cook and prepare food. Some meals and drinks can leave permanent stains. Vinyl, wood, and ceramic tiles are the most frequent kitchen flooring options. Unlike these other materials, Vinyl will not discolour, making it significantly easier to maintain.

Some wood boards need to be oiled and re-stained after a time to look their best. On the other hand, Ceramic tiles require ongoing maintenance to ensure that the grout between the tiles does not become discoloured. You won’t need to worry about such issues when you opt for vinyl tiles instead.

2. Living room

Another room that can be affected by regular spills is the living room. This is particularly true if you have children or if people are likely to not clean up after themselves following dinner parties or nights in. Luckily, vinyl flooring is excellent for the living room, and as it doesn’t scratch or chip easily, you can clean up any spills with ease.

The living room needs a comfortable floor underfoot that won’t outshine the other decor in the room. With vinyl flooring, a wide range of colours and styles suit any taste. This means there’s a vinyl flooring option to suit any home.

3. Bedrooms

Most bedrooms in homes have fitted wardrobes. With this in mind, it’s essential to consider how a new flooring option will fit in with the flooring they’re fitted against. This is particularly true when installing underfloor heating in the bedroom. There shouldn’t be any apparent joins between the new and existing flooring. Vinyl flooring is excellent for this use as it can be fitted against other flooring, whether it be wood or laminate.

4. Bathroom

Bathrooms are essential rooms to look after and keep clean. Some floors, like ceramic tiles, can be challenging to maintain due to their grout and porous nature. Vinyl, as already mentioned, can be installed in bathrooms without the worry of grout losing its colour or strength. Vinyl flooring is also non-porous, which is why it is much easier to keep clean in a bathroom.

5. Hallway

The best way to brighten up a dull hallway is by installing flooring which has a high-gloss finish. Vinyl is excellent for this, as it has a smooth surface, which not only looks great but is easy to clean too. This is why vinyl is a popular option for hallways.


Vinyl flooring is a great option when thinking about home improvements. While it is not the cheapest option, it’s also not the most expensive, and it can last for years, if not decades. Vinyl flooring can be fitted in a large variety of rooms, and it’s easy to clean. This means it’s an excellent option for families with young children who are likely to spill things on the floor at some point. While it’s important to remember that there is no such thing as a ‘maintenance-free’ floor, vinyl is an excellent choice in most homes.

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